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Folders Pro - Private File Storage 1.3 by
REQUIRES iOS: 4.0 For iDevices: all
CATEGORY: Productivity
Price: 2.99$

Document storage and viewing with privacy features (folder hiding, folder locking).

Store private files from your PC or Mac on your iPhone or iPod. Hide your files, photos, videos and view them privately on your device.

From the makers of Folders, the #1 business application for storing and viewing private documents. Folders Pro is the next generation in private file storage.

Drag and drop folders and files from your PC or Mac and store them directly on your iPhone via WiFi. Password protect your folders and LOCK or even HIDE entire folders of your private files! Folders Pro also works as a file viewer for dozens of file types including photos, videos, and office documents. You can even create and edit text files!


+ Mount your iPhone/iPod as a wireless drive on your PC, Mac or Linux computer.
+ Drag and drop files and folders directly to and from your PC or Mac.
+ Upload files directly using a web browser on your computer.
+ Hide or lock folders of your private files.
+ Password protection.
+ Create and edit text files.
+ Import files directly from the web, the photo library, or from the camera.
+ Email your files as attachments.
+ View your files directly from FoldersPro with support for the following file types, and more:
o Images (jpg, gif, png, bmp)
o Video (mp4, m4v)
o Audio (mp3, aac)
o Office (doc, excel, powerpoint)
o Text (PDF, txt)


http://ractorsoftware.com/support.html has a User Guide with instructions on how to use the application, including how to import files from both Macs and PCs.

IMPORTANT NOTICE ABOUT UPDATING: To ensure a smooth update with any iPhone software, please turn off the iPhone and start it fresh before downloading the update. Allow the program to finish updating before doing anything else with the iPhone.

NOTE ABOUT EMAIL ATTACHMENTS: Please note that you cannot save email attachments to Folders. Saving email attachments is the job of the email program and cannot be added to any 3rd party application.

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